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    Adventure Packages

    All-inclusive of all meals, all guides, transport and refreshments on tours, permits and fees, etc.
    Accommodation at Fondes Amandes House overlooking the capital, Port of Spain, and at Forest Lodge, above a secluded beach deep in the Northern Range,wilderness
    On request you may opt to stay at the Hilton or Holiday Inn, etc. The extra charges can be added to cost
    Itineraries are created for you. These samples of popular packages are guidelines only. Some events are seasonal. Weather and other variables may alter schedules

    5 DAY PACKAGE approx USD $900 - Minimum 4 persons

    Day 1 Orientation at Fondes Amandes House / City Tour Chaguramas National Park
    Day 2-3 North Coast Hike Forest Lodge for two nights
    Exploration of Northern Range Mountains and Rivers.
    Day 4 Hike to Paria Beach and Waterfall
    Day 5 Caroni Swamp boat trip. Scarlet Ibis bird watching

    10 DAY PACKAGE Approx. USD $1,500

    Day 1 Orientation - City Tour- Chaguaramas National Park.
    Day 2 Nariva Wetlands Exploration by Kayak, boat or on foot in the dry season
    Day 3 Tour of Central lowlands / Hindu temples East Indian Culture / Caroni Swamp / Birdwatch Scarlet Ibis
    Day 4-6 (Forest Lodge) - Exploration of upland forests, valleys, rivers and waterfalls
    Day 7 Hike to Paria Beach and Waterfall
    Day 8 "Down the Islands" boat tour Gulf of Paria OR 2-day scuba dive in Tobago
    Day 10 Departure

    Carnival Package

    This package combines two unforgettable experiences-- and the celebration of a Carnival that rivals that of Rio and New Orleans and exploration of natural diversity- tropical forests, waterfalls.

    The multi-ethnic roots of the people of Trinidad and Tobago have produced a culture, which is colorful and creative - rich in the arts, painting, music especially steelband and Calypso.

    Caribbean Discovery Tours will guide you through the festival and then take you to the cool Northern Range forests to recover in a mountain waterfall pool

    Five Days including Transfers, Orientation and pre -Carnival Tour, Breakfasts, Transport Sat-Tues to Carnival Center, Tour of Mas Camps, Post Carnival Forest adventure.

    Tour: USD $600 per person Double occupancy
    Extra nights: USD $50 per person Double Occupancy
    USD $90 Single

    We can arrange that you have a costume made for you beforehand if you wish to play with a band. Depending on your choice this will cost USD $200 - $500.

    Tobago/Trinidad Package

    We would collect you from the airport, take you on any of the tours and return you to the airport in the evening.

    Selected tour costs USD 20 per person per airport transfer.

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