Paria Beach and Waterfall Hike



Drive from Port of Spain over the beautiful North Coast Mountains, visit coastal communities. Then a memorable Hike from Blanchisseuse fishing village across the wide Marianne River through forested slopes along the North coast. These foothills are criss -crossed with sparkling mountain streams fringed with Pilodendrums, from the thick underbush of this lower montane forest's giant liana and vine hung trees you will hear the distinctive call of the Bellbird and see many butterflies and birds- Woodpeckers. Trojans, Crested Oropendolas and a variety of Tanagers.

At the intermittent appearances of the ocean, Seabirds, Hawks and Ornate Hawk eagles float in the down drafts .We descend to the spectacular expanses of isolated Paria beach. Swim in ocean or in waterfall and river pool. a few minutes beyond the shore.Return same day.

Participation: Minimum participation - 2 persons per trip
Price per person: USD $130
Duration: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 PM. (2 hours hiking)
Level: Challenging
2001 Caribbean Discovery Tours